Museums and galleries of Boracay

Aside from the pristine white beaches, Boracay is also home to a number of museums and galleries that showcase the culture and history of this part of the Philippines. If you want a quick getaway from the constant buzz of activity in the island, then visit these Boracay cultural tourist attractions.

It is however, a tiny island and most visitors come for the beach and seldom leave it. The museums are low key but something interesting when you tire of sunbathing. Venture over on to Panay and you’ll have a few others to seek out.

Kar-Tir Shell Museum
The Kar-Tir Shell museum houses a fine collection of traditional clothing and textiles of the country. There are also native carvings and pottery articles that came from all over the archipelago. More importantly, there is an impressive display of sea shells that are popular with lovers of the ocean. The museum asks visitors for a token entrance fee which goes towards maintenance. The museum is also located near several Boracay hotspots, so it is almost impossible to miss it. Ilig-Iligan Village, Boracay.

Tirol Heritage Museum
Boracay’s history is boxed in the Tirol Heritage Museum, a private Boracay museum founded in honour to the early Chinese traders who stopped over on the island before proceeding on their way to Mindanao. Because the museum holds highly important articles that figure in the island’s history, it is the most prized gallery in the whole of Boracay. The local government is currently working with the private owners towards the museum’s preservation. Northern part of White Beach.

Precious Moments Museum
A short detour from Boracay proper will take you to the Precious Moments Museum, one of the features of the Sampaguita Gardens. Collectors of doll artist Samuel Butcher’s Precious Moments dolls must drop by the place and explore the huge collection of beautiful dolls of various sizes. Be sure to see the life-size Precious Moments Wedding Doll Pair, housed under an umbrella. New Washington Town, Kalibo, Aklan.

Insider’s Tip: Get your camera ready and be prepared to snap out pictures of a number of uncommon species of birds and reptiles that drop by at the Eco Park. The mangrove forest is such an attractive haven for fauna and visitors often spot birds that are foreign to the island.

Museum It Akean
As the name suggests, Museum It Akean is the official town museum of Aklan. Formerly called Eskwelahan et Hari (School of Kings), the museum has a very interesting and colourful history. Be sure to check out the remains of the original structure, which dates back to 1882. Museum It Akean has a display of well-preserved religious artefacts and ancient history books that have been in existence since time immemorial. The traditional and weathered spears and weaponry are must-see sights, plus the iconic prehistoric jar excavated in Boracay. 506 Rizal StreetMarteline St, Kalibo, Aklan.

Bakhawan Eco Park
This is maybe not the kind of museum or gallery you would normally have in mind, but the Bakhawan Eco Park will take your breath away with its wonderful array of natural sights. Be amazed as you wind in and out of the trails amid crisscrossing mangroves and peculiar water fauna. The park is just less than an hour away Boracay central. Kalibo, Aklan.