Boracay day trips

Carabao Island

If you think Boracay is the most idyllic island paradise you’ve encountered, then you’d be surprised to know that around this tropical utopia are many other wonders that many visitors fail to discover. Surrounding the enchanting island are many other marvels, untouched by most visitors. If you want to get out of the crowded beaches and explore the surrounding provinces, then fill your energy tank and embark on exciting day trips away from Boracay Island.

All you really need to go on day trips from Boracay is some sunblock, although a rental boat, hiking shoes, and snorkeling gear will allow for greater scope. It doesn’t cost much to reach fun destinations on a day trip, as there are plenty of ferries and tricycles connecting these places of interest so getting around is no trouble at all.

Hop on a bangka boat to get to the mainland (Panay), where the province of Caticlan will welcome you with its astonishing beauty and natural charms. Caticlan is a haven of nature teeming with abundant wildlife and rich forests, making it a favorite among hikers and bikers who want to soak up the peaceful nature of the locality. Accessible from Boracay via the Tabon Strait. The Jetty Port offers Bangka pump boats ferrying between Boracay Island and Caticlan mainland. The short ride takes only 15 minutes.

Nasog Point
Close to Caticlan is Aklan, where the traditional Filipino town of Malay is located. This mountainous area is also an ideal natural escape, lined with numerous walking paths and forest trails that lead to beautiful Nasog Point; a famous dive site right on the north-western edge of neighbouring Panay Island. This stunning region is also surrounded by numerous unspoilt beaches which can be reached via hired boat or banca. Northwest corner of Panay Island, about 25 minutes by boat from Boracay.

Pahle is one of the more popular beach areas near Nasog Point, offering good resort areas where you could relax after an tough hike up the hills. Enjoy peaceful beach walks when you stay in this resort area. Near Nasog Point.

Agnaga Falls
You could also head out to the magnificent Agnaga Falls. From Malay, you could take a tricycle ride to a drop off point near the bridge (which most tricycle drivers know about; just ask for the way to Agnaga Falls). From the bridge, you could take an exciting walk through native villages, mountain paths, rice terraces and coconut plantations until you reach stunning falls, where cold dipping and swimming holes are aplenty. Accessible via tricycle from Malay.

Nabaoy River
From the Jetty Port, you could also take a tricycle ride to the Nabaoy River, where you could immerse yourself with the locals and experience typical karaoke nights in the native huts that line the river. Great picnic areas can also be found around the banks, where you can also sample fresh coconut (buko) – the island’s favourite refreshment. Accessible via tricycle from the Jetty Port.

Laurel Island and Puca Island
These nearby islands are also worth visiting. Laurel Island, or Crystal Cove, as it is better known, is a popular picnic and lazing spot. A minimal entrance fee may be collected, although it is well worthwhile for the island’s pristine natural beauty. Caves can also be found on the island where you could take guided explorations. Close by is Puca Island, which offers great opportunities for swimming and snorkelling. Trips to both islands can be arranged through hotels on White beach or travel agencies. Boracay Island’s north coast.

Carabao Island

Think: the beauty of Boracay without tourists, and that’s the experience you get if you find your way to Carabao (meaning water buffalo) island in the Romblon group North of Boracay. You can get there by chartered boat as a day trip or on one of the diving trips that like to come by, though staying over a few nights is the best way to appreciate the sleepy and authentic atmosphere among Visaya fisherman. San Jose is the main settlement, though the few humble resorts and powdery white sands are found at Inobahan Beach.

Manoc Manoc
Back on the island, you could also enjoy a trip on the lesser-visited portions of Boracay, like the Manoc Manoc Village, which has a pristine beach area – it is known as Manoc Manoc Beach. The town is a great place to experience local traditions. Barangay Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island’s south coast.

Crocodile Island
The nearby Corcodile Island is also a popular day trip destination in Boracay. Its rugged coast attracts cool breezes that pass by its beaches, while a few kilometers away are some tasty snorkel and dive spots. Crocodile Island is just a stone’s throw away from the main Boracay Island itself. You can reach it in about 15 minutes with a rented boat from White Beach.