Boracay beaches guide

Punta Bunga Beach

Boracay – the ultimate summer destination of the Philippines – is lined with numerous soft sandy stretches of coastline that would wow any beach bum. From surf beaches to serene and isolated shores perfect for lazing around, Boracay surely has something for every mood. Enjoy the island’s crown White Beach or explore the lesser known Manoc Manoc Beach; whatever you want to do, you won’t forget Boracay.

White Beach: This is Boracay’s premier beach. Best known for its spectacular stretch of white sand and crystal-azure waters, this beach is a great place for both relaxation and recreation. Aside from the numerous recreational possibilities offered by White Beach, there are also plenty of entertainment options, as well as shopping and good eating, while cosy hotels are right at the beach. Local vendors selling cute trinkets and souvenirs also abound. White Beach, mid-west coast.

Diniwid Beach: An exclusive beach, Diniwid Beach is home to many quality lodgings on the island, including Artista Boracay Beach Resort and Nami Boracay, as well as several other top-end hotels and resorts. The beach particularly appeals to tourists looking for peace and quiet, as well as those after a bit of privacy. A footpath through a rocky cove leads to Diniwid Beach. Diniwid Beach, north coast. 

Manoc Manoc Beach: Located in the Manoc-Manoc Village of Boracay, this beach enjoys panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, as well as of the province of Caticlan, which is located on the northern tip of Panay Island. The beach is also famous among daredevil windsurfers, as it offers channel winds and currents that reach up to six knots. The downside is Manoc Manoc is busy because of the constant stream of boats that bring in supplies for the different businesses in the island. Barangay Manoc-Manoc, south coast.

Bulabog Beach: This is the island’s second beach, which is popular among wind- and kite-surfers and is regarded as the windsurfing capital of Asia. The beach benefits from strong winds owing to its location, and this attracts extreme sports enthusiasts from all over the world. Also on the beach is the famous Boracay Butterfly Garden; an impressive nature sanctuary of colorful butterflies and unique plants. Bulabog Beach, east coast.

Punta-Bunga Beach: difficult to get at, this near deserted beach is located close to the picturesque Baling Hai Beach and has fine views out to sea, along with soft sand and pretty shells. There’s not much there since it’s fronted by private resorts that block public access, but the water is crystal clear and calm with tiny islands to wade out to, making it an ideal escape from the crowds. A real gem, if you can find it, but take your own supplies. Punta Bunga Beach, northwest coast.

Baling Hai Beach: Another quiet escape from bustling White Beach, Baling Hai is also famous among snorkellers and divers because of the nearby coral garden located off its pristine coast. Cliff views are also breathtaking. Baling Hai Beach, northwest coast.

Lapuz-Lapuz Beach: Also known as Lapus-Lapus Beach, Lapuz is a private beach belonging to the championship Philippines golf course known as the Bluewater and Fairways Resorts. Surrounding the area are impressive cliff formations of the same name. Lapuz-Lapuz Beach, east coast.

Ilig-Iligan Beach: Ilig-Iligan is another Boracay beach on the inner portion of Boracay. It is surrounded by an impressive jungle and is a good base for scuba diving and boating trips, while also being home to a number of caves and coves – the famous Boracay Bat Caves are just a 30 minute walk, for example. Ilig-Iligan Beach, east coast.

Puka Beach: Also known as Yapak Beach, Puka has that typical tropical shoreline look, with white sand and crystal-clear waters. As the name suggests, Puka Beach is a major source of beautiful puka shells, which are used to make a wide range of jewellery and crafts that are sold in the main beach resorts and around Boracay. A quieter option, Puka Beach is just a 10- to 15-minute ride from White Beach. Puka Beach, north coast.