Boracay attractions guide

Boracay is definitely the ultimate beach destination in the Philippines, offering a wide range of  attractions worth exploring. When you’re here, you can see everything from fine beaches to the island’s bizarre yet marvelous natural formations. Aside from water activities, the island also offers acres and acres of dry land to explore and discover.

White Beach
For obvious reasons, White beach is on top of the list. The breathtaking mix of colors in the world-famous horizon of Boracay’s White Beach is one of the most beautiful sights you would ever see in a lifetime.

The unique Boracay sunset sky looks like a painting, with shades of blue and the purple. Enjoy it as you lay on the sand with a San Mig Light or cocktail. As the commercial centre of Boracay, White Beach is also the most developed resort area in the island, lined with countless cafes, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and hotels.

The beach is divided into three stations, with the first being the low-key portion, the second being the bustling and lively area, and the third being the quietest part, lined with native bungalows perfect for tourists who want privacy and relaxation during their stay.

The Butterfly Garden
Another must see, the Butterfly Garden is a major highlight, especially for nature lovers. Theis Boracay attraction is home to a wide population of wild butterflies, as well as rare and exotic tropical trees and plants. Onsite is a decent restaurant where you can pick up some nice food.

Mount Luho
The highest point in the island, Mount Luho stands at 100 meters above the sea, offering extreme views of the entire island. Climbing up the peak is a pretty challenging feat, especially for the unprepared, but the hard work pays off once you see the stunning panorama of the island.

Baling Hai Beach
The calm and quiet beach of Baling Hai offers a more serene environment for tourists who want to escape the chaos of the White Beach, especially during peak seasons. Baling Hai is the most ideal spot for swimming, soaking under the sun, and also snorkelling, as it lies close to a huge coral garden just off the shore. Many visitors also enjoy the beach’s cliff top views as well as its peaceful, quiet vibe.

The Bat Caves
The Bat Caves, as the name suggests is a nest for giant fruit bats and cave bats, sought after by naturalists, spelunkers and nature photographers. You may hire a local guide to lead you through the jungle paths and the caves themselves. Hundreds and thousands of cave bats nest in these massive caves.

Puka Shell Beach
The isolated Puka Shell or Yupak Beach is another serene escape from the busy White Beach. The stretch is generally empty and peaceful, if not for a few souvenir vendors and a smattering of restaurants and bars on the sidelines. Because it is isolated, the beach offers a quiet environment for those looking for quiet relaxation, even during peak seasons in the island. This makes it the perfect spot for a romantic time staring at the sunset with the one you love.

Willy’s Rock
Just off the White Beach, Willy’s rock is a peculiarly shaped rock or volcanic formation sitting about 100m from the shores of the White Beach. Most tourists fancy a swim to the distinctive natural attraction, where a statue or a grotto of the Virgin Mary can be found. The formation itself becomes an island during high tide. Across the island, you would find the beautiful Bulabog Beach, which is considered as the secondary tourist beach in Boracay. The beach is also the island’s major kiteboarding and windsurfing area, due to its strategic location.

The Dead Forest
The Dead Forest is a wide stretch of dead trees that silhouettes through the eerie yet fascinating landscape of the night. Worth a stroll for a evening ghost story but perhaps not the best place to be caught after dark. 

The Kar Tir Shell Museum
This small yet interesting museum displays a beautiful collection of arts and crafts and as well as numerous sea shells. Woven products and handiworks can also be seen onsite.