Boracay shopping guide

A holiday in Boracay is not complete without shopping. Even if you arrive on the island without swimming and beach gear, you can find everything you need in shops along White Beach and in the malls and markets. Boracay is home to a number of good shops selling beachwear, clothing, bags, toiletries, camera equipment, sunglasses, towels, hats, and souvenirs and jewellery. The island also has delicatessens, pharmacies, and convenience stores allowing you to buy almost anything that you will need during your holiday.

The Talipapa Market
The Talipapa Market (also D’Talipapa) is a one-stop shop on the island. Here you can get everything from clothes and home décor to batik lamps, handmade jewellery and Asian souvenirs. If you’re looking for pearls, this is the spot and the Talipapa Market is likewise popular for its henna tattoo parlours. Don’t be afraid to haggle, as most vendors are willing to give you as much as 50 per cent discount and especially if you’re buying bulk. Hungry? You can also buy fresh fish, fruit, and meat from the market if your accommodation allows you to cook your own meals.

D’Mall Shopping Centre
Situated in open-air alleys, just off the centre of White Beach, are the stores of the D’Mall Shopping Centre (or D’Mall). These are small but are packed with charming accessories, beachwear and clothes as well as great value handicrafts.

If you want to take a break from shopping, you can simply drop by at the ice cream parlours or in any of the restaurants in the area. The food there is cheap and ranges from local dishes to Western staples.

Boracay Tourist Centre
If you would like to breeze through products in one go, the Boracay Tourist Centre is the place to be. As an all-encompassing souvenir shop, it is tailored specifically to tourists. There is a boutique selling native products, along with a souvenir store and a mini-mart that stocks necessities like insect repellent or sunblock for the beach.

Plazoleta Shopping Plaza

Another local shopping mall on White Beach is Plazoleta Shopping Plaza, which is known for selling local crafts and art, together with woodcarvings, lanterns, jewellery, sarongs, and even musical instruments. For home décor and handmade goods, you can drop by at Lonely Planet, while beach-related items can be found at Stables Boutique on Boat Station 1.

The White Beach Path
Shop along the beach pathway of everything from jewellery, sarongs (discounted), handicrafts, and beautiful trinkets handmade using beads and shells and beads.

Boracay Book
Were you hoping to read a book while getting a tan? Head over to Boracay Book near the Plazoleta boat station, where you’ll find a wide range of titles marked much cheaper than those in the small bookshops in resorts and hotels. You can even trade your old title for a new one. Also offered are printing and faxing services. Boracay Book is on the White Beach path, near Shakey’s Pizza, Juice Bar, and the Lonely Planet Coffee Shop.

While you are relaxing around on the beach, you can also find knick-knacks from vendors walking around the area. Their products include fresh fruit, sunglasses, ice cream, and Puka shell jewellery that make great souvenirs.