Kite surfing in Boracay

Boracay offers the perfect weather and water conditions to enjoy kite-surfing or windsurfing, so it’s no surprise that the island has been often referred to as the boarding capital of Asia.

In fact, the Boracay International Funboard Cup (usually held in January) is one of the biggest windsurfing events in Southeast Asia and was recently picked by CNN as one of the ‘suggested weekend destinations in the world’. Any beginner can kite-surf after just a short lesson and with the right equipment.

Kitesurfing equipment

Since you’re unlikely going to have your own kite and equipment when visiting Boracay, it’s more practical to rent the kite-ski and gear.

Prices are around US$20-$60 for rental per day depending on the brand. Most kite-surfing schools in Boracay rent out equipment and some lessons already come with free use of the school’s wipika.

Because kite-surfing (like scuba diving) is regulated, visitors who have not previously done a course will need to take a short course in Boracay, which usually lasts three days and costs anywhere from US$100-$350. Boracay is home to a number of reputable kite-surfing and windsurfing schools, which you should book online, and ahead of time during peak season.

To get the most of the experience, you also need to know where the strongest winds and best kite-surfing and windsurfing schools are.

Bulabog Beach kite-surfing

One of the locations that you can enjoy kite-surfing is Bulabog Beach, which is on the island’s east side. Because of its windy location, Bulabog Beach is known as the ‘best place to enjoy kite-surfing in Asia’. Peak season runs from November to April, with onshore winds varying from 12 to 30 knots. At Bulabog Beach, you can also find different kite-surfing schools.

Kite-surfing schools

Isla Kiteboarding School: Isla Kite-boarding School is one of the popular schools where you can get started on kite-surfing in Bulabog Beach. Whether you’re a beginner or already on the advanced level, there’s a course for you and you will be assisted by IKO-certified. website:

Habagat Kiteboarding Centre: The Habagat Kiteboarding Centre (also at Bulabog Beach) is IKO-certified to provide kite-surfing lessons and assistance to both beginners and advanced kite surfers. website:

Pinas Kite Boarding: Another company that offers lessons is Pinas Kite Boarding, which is actually a kite-boarding shop that also happens to offer Level 1, 2, and 3 courses for kite-surfing. The instructors at Pinas Kite Boarding are also IKO-certified. website:

Other kite-surfing areas in Boracay

Aside from Bulabog Beach, you can also enjoy kite surfing elsewhere on Boracay Island. White Beach serves as a suitable alternative and has its own kite-surfing centre. In fact, the White Beach kitesurfing facility is the only one in Asia that is recognized by the British Kitesurfing Association (BKSA) and the International Kiteboarding Association (IKO). The kite-surfing centre is positioned near dive boats, just a two-minute walk from the hotels of White Beach. website:

Hangin Kiteboarding: This another kite-surf activity centre and it was also Boracay’s first ever kite-surf shop and school. There are currently two Hangin centres on the island – Hangin North and Hangin Cabrinha. Both are able to provide the top kite-surfing products and brands. Hangin Kiteboarding also offers visits to Siko Island and lessons range from short, day courses and two-day courses to a full-course IKO Kiteboarder, levels 1 and 2. If you are already familiar with the ins and outs of kitesurfing, you can also take up a refresher course while supervised by a professional instructor.