Boracay activities and sports

The island of Boracay is a place where you can enjoy a plethora of activities under the sun. Whether you are travelling alone, with friends, with family, or with a special someone, you should never run out of things to do.

Most of the large resorts on the island have a range of Boracay activities to cater to all tastes. These may be inclusive of the standard room rate, so if you are an active person it is worth enquring before booking your accommodation. There are also great stay-and-dive packages for those that plan to spend a great deal of time under the ocean waves. Here is a list of just some of the many Boracay activities that you can enjoy during your stay.

Diving in Boracay

Diving is very popular in Boracay because of its interesting warm, clear waters and abundance of marine life. All proficiency levels are catered for on the island which is teeming with PADI-certified schools.

There is a variety of excellent sites suitable for experienced divers and beginners alike and the sea surrounding the island is filled with colourful reefs, canyons, caves and wreck sites. There are more than 30 dive sites here, each offering a totally unique and unforgetable experience. You don’t need to bring your own gear because there are plenty of dive shops on the island. You can enjoy diving at any time of the year, but most experienced divers like to go from January to June. To learn more about scuba diving on Boracay, talk to Victory Divers, Calypso Diving School, Safari Divers or New Wave Divers.

Parasailing on Boracay

If you want to experience being able to fly over the sea and get a good view of the world-famous White Beach, parasailing is the activity for you. To enjoy parasailing, you can visit Seraph Hotel or the Mandarin Hotel or at Diamond Watersports.

Kite-boarding on Boracay

One of Boracay’s more popular water sports is kite-boarding, also known as kite-surfing. Classified as an extreme sport, it is best done from November to March when the winds are most suitable for the activity. The main kite-boarding terminal is on Bulabog Beach. You can rent kite-boarding equipment from any of the six shops nearby, which are all reasonably priced. Courses are also offered by International Kite-boarding Organisation-certified instructors at the Pinas Kite-boarding and the Isla Kite-boarding School.

Jet-skiing and speedboating on Boracay

Jet-skis and speedboats can be rented out for a reasonable price on Boracay. When speedboating, a guide will accompany you out to the sea and then let you drive once you get to a safer part. Drinks are also provided onboard but alcohol is to be avoided. Jet-skis are also widely available and can be found parked on rafts floating on the sea. Vendors will transfer you out to them on boats.

Skim-boarding on Boracay

Best done along White Beach during the afternoon, you can learn and practise skim-boarding with the help of locals. This activity is easy to pick up and it is also a cheap way to have fun at White Beach. You can find skim-boarding shops nearby and some of the recommended ones are opposite the True Home Hotel (website: at Station 1 and Red Coconut Hotel (website: at Station 2.

Sailing on Boracay

Another popular activity on Boracay is sailing, which lets you see the island from another perspective. You will be provided with a paraw, which is a sailboat that you can use to sail around the island. As you go along, you can stop in any of the 12 beaches of Boracay to go for a swim, picnic, or to snorkel. A paraw also comes with a captain and all the gear you need for snorkelling. Sunset is the best time of the day to go sailing to enjoy the unique beauty of Boracay, highlighted by the crimson setting sun.

Helicopter adventures on Boracay

Head to the Heliport that is near Cagban Port and go on a helicopter ride on an R44 Raven that can accommodate three passengers and one experienced pilot. There are transfer services from Caticlan to Boracay, along with island tours, White Beach tours, charter flights, sunset tours, and inter-island tours. Look for Captain Jack if you want an exceptional experience.

Golf on Boracay

If you love golf, then you will love Boracay. The best way to tee off is to stay at the Fairways and Bluewater Resort Golf and Country Club (website:, which boasts a an 18-hole, Graham Marsh designed golf course.

Spas and pampering on Boracay

People also go to Boracay to relax. Visit one of the many spas and get a massage or, if you’re a budget traveller, you can have a massage right on the beach – just hire the masseuses who wander around. You can also visit any of the massage stations along the footpath. In addition, many hotels are also equipped with their own spas and massage houses, but if you want the best treatment, consider heading to Caesar’s, or to the Mandarin Hotel at White Beach. They do body-wraps and facials. If you are on Station 3, visit the Surfside Yasuragi for saunas and massage services, or Danaru Spa at Bulabog Beach. Mandala Spa is good for those with money to burn, offering, as they do, luxurious treatments.