Boracay nightlife guide

Parties can seem endless in Boracay because the countless night spots along White Beach make bar and club hopping easy and seamless. You’ll find everything along the island’s electric night strip, from chic cocktail bars to clubs, beach bars and live music.

White Beach is the best place to go at night because it offers the most choices, although nice bars and clubs can also be found elsewhere on the island. The island does not run out of discos and clubs – great places to mingle and set the dance floor on fire. Pier One is one of the most popular locations, famous for its beating techno and hip-hop tunes. On occasion, the club offers performances from famous recording artists from the mainstream entertainment industry.

Other places to try out include the Summer Place, which – together with Pier One – makes up the heart of nightlife on the island. Among the highlights of Summer Place include its Mongolian Grill, the live stage and its disco area. Club Paraw is also worth a try. It’s located near Pier One.

Boracay is a major tourist hot spot, so there aren’t many low-budget places in the island. However, entrance fees, food, and drink prices are not as astronomical as you might expect. Have US$20 in your pocket? Then you can already party, and maybe even bring a date. Pull out all the stops with US$100 to US$200.

Recommended Boracay clubs and nightlife venues

Hey Jude

A partygoer’s haven, Hey Jude is one of the most popular clubs to go to for loud dance and lounge music on the island. (website:

Juice Bar
Famous for unique cocktails and sneaky smoothies, offering great R&B music and a live DJ.

Cocomangas Shooter Bar
This popular shooter bar has been around since 1987, and has since been pleasing tourists and visitors with their exotic flavors and lively events. The bar is known for its ‘still standing after 15’ drinking challenge, daring guests to finish 15 shots of various alcoholic mixes. This is certainly not something to be attempted by the faint-hearted or novice drinker! (website:

Fridays Boracay
A classic bar with an extensive selection of booze spirits and wines from different parts of the world, with great entertainment. (website:

Pier One
A premier music bar combining great drinks with grilled delicacies and pumping performances from different local artists.