Boracay bars and pubs guide

They say the fun never ends in Boracay, and that might not be an exaggeration when you consider all the superb bars, clubs and restaurants to indulge yourself in. Boracay is one of the country’s nightlife hubs, with more than enough bars and pubs lining the beaches to keep your evenings busy during your entire stay. When the sun sets, party animals come out to play. If you are captivated by the glistening beaches in the morning, you will be more fascinated at how alive the island is by night.

Most bars in Boracay are situated on the main tourist hub of White Beach were the majority of the resorts are based. Bulabog Beach also has a few low-key places where kitesurfers hang out in the early evening to discuss the day’s adventure. To narrow down the list, here are the 20 most popular bars and pubs on Boracay. Each one has its own attributes, be it good music, excellent cocktails and drinks, or a delicious selection of food.

Recommended Boracay pubs and bars

Red Pirates Pub: This club is top of the list because it has everything – good, original music, a great selection of drinks (freshly made), and a nice ambience. Talk to Captain Joey – the owner – who welcomes everyone like they were old friends. Guests can go cruising along the Pacific coast (on the pub’s very own sailboat) and see the fascinating entirety of Boracay.

Bom Bom Bar: If you’re into dancing to native music, then the Bom Bom Bar is just the right place. This bar has a very Caribbean vibe and a fine selection of drinks. 

Cocomangas Shooter Bar: Fancy a change from your usual tipple? Try ingenious island drinks in Cocomangas Shooter Bar, where you can win a prize if you can stay on your feet after finishing the bar’s 15 signature alcoholic beverages. Talented DJs also keep the dance floor ablaze. This pub is part of the luxurious Cocomangas Beach Resort.

Pier One Bar: This bar boasts of a really impressive line up of food and drinks. Dining in the bar is also memorable as guests are treated to captivating views of the beach and the sea.

Danska Bar: The fresh seafood fare in Danska is one of the finest in the island, and the good selection of drinks simply makes each dish taste even better. The scenic Pacific coast also stretches before the bar, allowing guests to see the beauty of the island.

Alfon’s Bar and Grill: The posh Alfon’s is a higher-end Boracay bar. Located in the Boracay Regency Beach Resort, this place is home to expert chefs who put together tasty food made from tropical ingredients. Come here hungry.

Wahine Beach Bar: The bar’s huge store of the best island drinks attracts lots of visitors and also makes the place a popular destination once it starts to get dark. Don’t miss the appetizing dishes like the notable Oyster Kinilaw, made distinct by the added hollandaise sauce and spinach cream. The Oyster Rockefeller is also something wonderful to experience.

Summer Place: Boasts a distinctly laid back-feel that you just won’t get with more expensive bars like Alfon’s. The open plan layout faces the beach and is perfect for dancing, and don’t be surprised if the bartenders and waiters join in with you. Cocktails, beer, spirits, and lighter snacks are served.

Hey Jude!: If you want fun, it’s fun you will get in Hey Jude! The bar serves bistro foods and the pizzas are definitely great. Enjoy chill-out music until the wee hours of the morning.

Club Ten Bistro Bar: This bar serves great Filipino cuisine and is perfect for couples who want a little seclusion from the usual noise. There’s a good range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks here and happy hour goes off nightly.

Bazzura: Weekends are lively affairs in Bazzura; known for rave, techno, R&B, warehouse, and club music. The enormous open-air dance floor is simply hard to resist for groovers and the bars and Italian restaurant make it a useful alternative for a night’s entertainment.

Pat’s Creek Bar: This little bar offers unique drinking pleasure, with its mouth-burning cocktails. The place is also filled with acoustic music, and you and your friends can relax playing pool or chatting while seated on the bar’s famous driftwood chairs.

Jony’s Bar and Restaurant: Often described as a ‘magical place’ exuding tropical charm, Jony’s is populat hangout once the sun has set. The bar’s tubular Boracay lanterns effectively create a dreamlike atmosphere. Order the sundowners, which go well with Mexican picks like burritos and nachos – a guyabano shake should not be missed.

Kurt’s: German and Filipino cuisine make a fine menu at Kurt’s. The bar’s frothy draft beer is enough to chase the cool away, while the Jagerschnitzel – a pork cutlet topped with pan-friend potatoes – is sure to fill you up. The price range is absolutely agreeable.

The Floating Bar: This is the best option for anyone who cannot get enough of Boracay’s wonderful waters. The bar is well-stocked with a good selection of beverages and the DJ mixing the house music adds spice to the place.

Insider’s Tip: Don’t get too dressy! Nightlife in Boracay is best enjoyed when decked out with the typical island outfit, meaning bikinis and Hawaiian shorts.

Luna Negra: Enjoy a fusion of Carribean, Brazilian, and Cuban music in the cozy Luna Negra. This salsa bar opens early in the afternoon and stays open until early morning.

The Bar at Mango Ray Boracay Resort: Enjoy a great array of drinks and appetizers at The Bar, where typical Boracay music – oldies, jazz, pop, and latin – is played every night. Sunday mornings are devoted to classical music.

Charlh’s Bar: This peaceful bar is famous among tourists who want to see view spectacular Boracay sunsets, and also to folks who are tired of the usual party scene. Being at one of the calmer bars in the island, Charlh’s is certainly not the place for dancing but is perfect for more intimate, relaxed dinner and drinks. Every night, a vocalist or guitarist fills the place with soothing music.

The Wreck Bar: From the name alone, you can get a good idea what the bar looks like. The Wreck Bar is fashioned like a ship, and there is a beady-eyed ‘pirate captain’ that watches everything happening in the bar. 

Sundown Bar: Its unique atmosphere is what keeps tourists coming to the place. In addition, the V-shaped bar’s large stores of drink and delicious foods are among the most affordable on the island.