Weather in Boracay

Boracay’s weather is similar to the weather in the rest of the Philippines, but seasons define the best times to visit the island. Boracay is generally ruled by two seasons – dry (Amihan) and wet (Habagat): north-easterly wind and southwest monsoon. The former brings moderate temperatures with little or no rainfall, making the Amihan season the most visited period.

The latter, Habagat wet season, on the other hand, brings a hot and humid weather with frequent, heavy rainfall making this season an off peak period. Both seasons have their pros and cons when it comes to visiting opportunities.

Rainy season in Boracay (Jun-Sep)

The Habagat season is Boracay’s off-season and is otherwise known as the wet, or rainy, season. But rainstorms are not really a major hassle since they don’t usually last long and are often relieved by sunny spells.

Boracay is less crowded during Habagat season so tourists can enjoy their visit to the island without having to deal with crowded beaches and resorts. Off-season rates are also much lower and affordable among the island hotels

The start of the rainy season varies from year to year, yet it typically begins in June and ends by September. During the rainy season, typhoons come and go, so it is best to check for travel advisories to Boracay because strong rains and winds prevent you from making the most of the watersport activities available at the beach.

Hot season in Boracay (Oct & May-Jun)

Boracay’s peak time for tourists is the Amihan season, when the prevailing wind arrives from the east. Since Boracay’s White Beach and main resorts are on the west portion of the island, it is sheltered from the north-eastern winds. Generally, the Amihan season lasts from September to October and from May to June, although these dates may vary from year to year. Nevertheless, it is the best season for spending the day under the bright shining sun on White Beach, or going off to the other side of the island to Bulabog Beach to enjoy windsurfing and kite-boarding.

The high season often falls between October and May, although during the summer months (March to June), the weather tends to be very hot, with temperatures going as high as 38 degrees (Celsius) or more. The months of November-February are considered peak season since the temperatures are more bearable. Visitors should beware, though, that hotels may be packed during the peak season as this is the time that Europeans and North Americans are having their winters.