Boracay travel facts

Boracay is a fun place to visit because there’s always so much to do on the island during your holiday. It features a number of tourist facilities to cater to various levels of activity or lack thereof, as in the case of those who just choose to lounge around the beach and let the time stop. The island has a lot to offer to every traveler – more than the already breathtaking white sand beaches and clear blue waters, that is.

Boracay tourism facts

Boracay facts: Eco-tourism is being widely promoted for Boracay because of the number of interesting attractions it offers. If you’re an adventurous at heart, you will enjoy treks and tours to various sites around the island such as the Bat Cave, Mount Luho, Crystal Cove and the Dead Forest. Each one has its own natural surprise to spring at guests who are willing to brave through exploring the inner part of the island.

Boracay facts: The best time to go visit the island is during the dry season – from the months of November to April. During this time, the beach is really calm and suitable for swimming and other water sports activities. It is also around this time that most of the popular entertainment options are organized and hosted in the island.

Boracay facts: There are several ways to get around the island. Many travelers choose to ride tricycles. These serve as the taxis on the island, taking you to practically any place around Boracay for a minimal fee. Scooters and mountain bikes are also available for rent but you must be careful.

Boracay facts: You can also explore the many sights around the island by renting a paraw (local outrigger sailboat) or a banca, a motorized outrigger.

Boracay facts: Of course, you can also get a horse to explore the island. Boracay Horse Riding Stables offers horseback riding tours around Boracay accompanied, of course, by a skilled local guide. But if you’re a seasoned equestrian, you can always hire a mount to get around on your own.

Boracay facts: And then there’s walking. Many areas on the island are easily accessible on foot. Boracay also has a lot of man-made trails for those who want to explore the inner part of the island and its natural wonders.

Boracay facts: If you’re going further into the area, or if you’re going to explore undeveloped places, however, it’s best to request the services of a tour guide from your hotel or resort.