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Plenty of affordable places near the beach

Plenty of affordable places near the beach

Even though Boracay began life as a backpacker haven, it’s hard to see that today with the plethora of high-end resorts that occupy seemingly every inch of White Beach. Most of the budget places have been pushed farther back inland where property prices are not so at a premium, but a two-minute walk to the sand means a massive saving on room costs.

Accommodation in Boracay can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be. For the shoestring traveller, there are inns and guesthouses with dorms under US$10 per night, for example.

Boracay guesthouses by White Beach

Veli’s Inn: Veli’s Inn is known as 'The Paradise Within Paradise' and it’s easy to see why. This affordable inn lies right along the beach’s powdery shoreline and the ambience makes you wish you lived there. Room rates ranging from US$40-US$60 are reasonable, considering the quality of the service and the range of amenities available...more info and booking

Turtle Inn Resort Boracay: A standard room in the Turtle Inn features a queen-size bed and all the amenities typical for of a smart hotel, including an insitu mini bar. Some rooms have balconies, too. Room rates are from US$57 and go as high as US$74 a night...more info and booking

Melinda’s Garden: Melinda’s Garden is a refreshing refuge on the island because it is a relatively quiet spot surrounded by plants and trees. Room rates per night start at US$30...more info and booking

Serendipity Boracay: The peaceful Serendipity House is set in a beautiful garden close to the beach. The house’s rooms are also well-spaced out to give you enough privacy, and are with the usual amenities. Room rates are good value, starting at just US$32 a night...more info and booking

Blue Mango Inn: This little island house is a nice place for lying around after a fun and exhausting swim in the ocean. Everything you would wish for in good accommodation is in the Inn, and for a reasonable price. Room rates in the Blue Mango start from US$38 and go as high as US$165. Station 3, White Beach, Boracay, tel: (036) 288 5170.

Banana Saging Guesthouse boasts sea views

Banana Saging Guesthouse boasts sea views

Banana Saging Guesthouse: The rooms in Banana Saing are all made of wood and bamboo, giving guests a taste of what it’s really like to live in the tropics. Fan Room go as low as US$25 per night during high season, and you can get air conditioned rooms for as low as US$37 even during high season. Station 2, White Beach, Boracay Island, tel: +63 288 6121, email:, website:

Hotel Villa Sunset: True to its name, this guesthouse boasts a great location for experiencing the beautiful Philippine sunsets. Considering everything offered, rates are pretty reasonable, starting at US$70 per room per night...more info and booking

Coffee’s Guesthouse: This comfortable guesthouses offers rooms for roughly US$35 per night. Guests can also arrange extended stays at negotiable rates. The rooms are clean and air-conditioned, and pets are allowed. Station 1 (beside Balabag Church and Plaza), White Beach, Boracaytel: +63 36 288 5946, mobile: +63 917 518 0529.

Frendz Resort and Hostel: Frendz gets excellent reviews from backpackers because it is one of the best-value hotels in Boracay and is good for meeting like-minded people. Dorms are US$15 a night, while the best rooms are US$50. Boat Station 1, White Beach, Boracay, tel: +63 36 288 3803, mobile: +63 939 324 2789, email:, website:

Ocean Breeze Inn: The inn is within a 10-minute walk of nightlife central and just three minutes from White Beach. It has clean cottages big enough for two people, and the staff is friendly. The hotel also serves good coffee and tea everyday for free, and has all the needed amenities. Rooms from US$50. Station 3, White Beach, email:, website:

Tan's Guest HouseThis is one of the cheapest lodging houses in Boracay, with rates starting at just US$20. The rooms are Japanese-style, cozy, and comfortable, plus attendants are also friendly and helpful...more info and booking

Treebu Guesthouse: Treebu is a private house, with the second floor converted into quarters for guests. It is just a few steps from White Beach, and there are friendly staff that can assist you from 10:00-23:00. If there’s two or three of you staying in the inn, you can get a discounted rate of just US$12 per head, per night. Station 2, White Beach, Boracay, tel: +63 917 523 6262

Insider’s Tip: Guesthouses in Boracay are located very close to one another. Room rates vary greatly, so a good idea is to survey the available accommodations first before checking into a guesthouse.

Ericko’s House: The hotel is located behind many shops and is accessed via a small alleyway. Rooms are clean, but the smaller ones are not quite spacious enough to accommodate two people. Ericko’s House offers really low rates and the place has good security to boot. The average room rate is US$55-US$77...more info and booking

Taj Guesthouse: Taj Guesthouse is popular largely because of its proximity to White Beach. The guesthouse is styled like a boutique, perfect for lazing around. It has six air-conditioned rooms, each of which comes complete with cable television, private bath, and a small refrigerator. Room rates usually go from US$25. Station 1, White Beach, Boracay, tel: +63 36 288 4628, mobile: +63 92 919 6509, fax: +63 36 288 5695, email:

Jerome’s Bungalow: You can stay at Jerome’s Bungalow for as low as US$15. However, do not expect the rooms to have a lot of space, which is fine if you want to spend most of your time at the beach. Station 2, White Beach, Boracay, tel: +63 36 288 3270.

Boracay guesthouses elsewhere on the island

Surfer’s Home: There are eight bungalows in Surfer’s Home, each one decked out with TV and Wi-Fi. Breakfast is complimentary, and visitors can try the shiatsu massage, yoga, kite-surf, and windsurfing courses offered by the house. There is also a big restaurant onsite. Rates vary according to the season, starting at US$22...more info and booking

Mika's Beach ResortVacationers who want to savour the island’s calm and beauty should check out Mika’s Place, just a five-minute walk from the ocean. Rooms are spacious and comfortable and breakfast is served at a specific time of the day, or by request. Rates vary depending on the season, with cottages from US$60, deluxe rooms for two people US$66, and 'super deluxe' rooms for three US$58 during peak season.  Diniwid Beach Balabag, Boracay, tel: (036) 288 34754...more info and booking

Mi Sueno Boracay: This is the perfect place to stay if you are all geared up for kitesurfing. The house has comfortable rooms designed for two people and the room rate per night is sensible at US$35. Bulabog Beach, Boracay.

Monaco Suites de Boracay: The Monaco Suites is one of the best places to stay in Boracay. It is situated on a slope, treating guests to wonderful views of the sea and the surrounding greenery...more info and booking

The Lazy Dog: Lazy Dog is a bed and breakfast surrounded by a garden. There are eight rooms and it is located off the beaten path, making it a cozy place to stay. Room rate is usually (roughly US$38) per night...more info and booking 

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