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Boracay travel guide and hotels

Picture laid-back tropical charm, shady coconut strewn beaches and calm aqua waters; Boracay seems made to order for a relaxing holiday. Beach parties, great international food, superb diving and brilliant sunsets add up to an unforgettable experience.

Start getting excited with this 100 page travel guide to Boracay.

Billboard White Beach

Two kilometres of unforgettable beauty, White Beach is the site of most resorts, dive services, bars and restaurants, with plenty of coconut palms, soft sand and soothing waves, click and read more.

Billboard Diving

With crystal clear waters, plenty of coral heads and schools of colourful fish, Boracay is a diving Mecca of Asia with plenty of offshore sites and professional schools, click and read more.

Billboard Island

You might never leave your stretch of perfect White Beach but the island has some gorgeous remote inlets to be enjoyed all to yourself, as well as some vibrant local character, click and read more.

Billboard Resorts

Wherever you stay on Boracay you’re never far from the water, and you seldom need shoes. White beach is tastefully lined with low-rise resorts to retain the coconut feel of the island, here are the best deals from Agoda, click and book online.

Leisure and relaxation is the unrivalled priority on Boracay, and everyone gets to enjoy truly picturesque hospitality since the main road is set back from the beach and most resorts share a stretch of pearl-white sand. The result is a tropical atmosphere for all, with waves lapping at your feet and slow strolls to bars and restaurants. And it’s all served up with a friendly Filipino smile, in English of course, which is part of the attraction of the Philippines. We’ve teamed up with Agoda to give you a large choice and cheapest rates for travel hotels on Boracay.

Hotel Rooms

Boracay isn’t that big, the atmosphere and tropical beaches are the attraction. There’s no need to go on an exhausting sightseeing tour or get your Boracay travel guide book out. White beach is a thing of unsurpassed beauty where you seldom feel any crowds. Go exploring and you might stumble upon the deserted paradise-like Punta Bunga Beach or the wild east coast beaches. Offshore there are exceptional waters perfect for diving or snorkelling, while a late afternoon sailing is the best way to appreciate the legendary sunsets. The really adventurous can arrange trips to the larger island of Panay. For many, whiling away the day on a sun lounger, sipping a San Miguel and enjoying the beach party atmosphere by night and the numerous eateries is the highlight of a Boracay stay.

Chowing down at the food festival

Of the many many festivals that take place in the Philippines each year, few are as eagerly anticipated as the annual Boracay Food Festival. This foodie fiesta is staged between 11 and 13 May and is similar to a number of food-themed events held throughout the country. But, because this is Boracay, it has an extra special flavour due to the unique mix of local Filipino revellers and Western tourists.